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RSS Feed Services for Websites and Blogs

Today, a responsive mobile website is your companies' "anchor" on the Internet. In fact, mobile-compatible websites and search engines remain the primary means by which your audience can find information on your company products and/or services (in spite of the existence of social media). This is because the major search engines generate massive revenues from paid ads (from websites).

The simple fact is, websites and search engines have far too much invested with one another for any drastic changes to occur. Because of this, you need to consider web marketing of your site - specifically inbound marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). Doing good work in these areas will help position your brand and your web pages for optimum ranking on the organic search engine results pages (called SERP's) of major search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo!). If you have a new site, you might also consider PPC (pay per click) advertising for the first few months (or longer). This is because search engines intentionally drag their feet before ranking your site optimally. You also should consider the value of using newer technologies to optimize Internet content distribution. One of these technologies in continuous growth is RSS (noted by this RSS Web Feed Icon Type 1 icon, or, this RSS Web Feed Icon Type 2 icon).

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS (short for "Really Simple Syndication"), is basically a good way to distribute and share current articles, news releases, research, case studies, and other headline-type content to subscribers. If you've been to a site that provides news and headline summaries, then you've seen RSS in action (from widgets on mobile devices, to plugins on popular web browsers and even through an email client (like Outlook).

For RSS, there are sites that actually "aggregate" (collect) Feed data onto a special page with exactly the information you want to release. For others to receive what you publish, you need to provide your content to these sites, and then users subscribe to the Feed. Then they'll be able to read its text and/or video using "Feed Readers" that decipher the Feed. Readers are available for Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux, and other platforms.

If you "search" using your favorite search engine for "RSS aggregator" or "RSS syndication" you'll get more information. and, unless a Feed channel is copy-protected, you can even embed a special code within a website (as we did) or blog, and watch the best-of "whatever" comes rolling through onto your website or Feed Reader.

Obviously, you can see there's a lot of potential for RSS Feeds to generate traffic to your site! Feeds enable your audience to obtain the latest news and information from your company in "real-time". And since there are many feed channels to choose from, you can keep informed of literally anything - if it exists in Feed form.

When you consider that businesses are always looking for new ways to get information out through new marketing channels, then RSS feeds need to be on your radar.

How We Setup Website or Blog RSS Feeds

RSS is a web content distribution method that enables website, blog or other pertinent information to be sent out internationally in real-time over the web. For example, have you ever heard of "Google Alerts"? This is a service where articles or information you want to know about are sent  to you via email - the moment they are published! Well, that's one good example of RSS at work. Another relates to 3G and 4G smartphones. They use RSS (and SMS) Feeds heavily and their use is skyrocketing. Blogs can also be setup so posts (including video) can be sent out via subscription Feeds.

Some Additional Comments on Blogs

It should be noted that a blog is a little different than a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Vimeo or other social media networking service. Blogs are, in fact, closer to a website than social media sites. Per Wikipedia, a blog is a type of "site", usually maintained by one or more individuals, that includes regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. The word "blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content (e.g., "to blog").

Blogs primarily provide commentary or news on particular subjects. But some are more like a personal online diary. A typical Blog can combine text, images, and links (to websites or other blogs), and/or include other media related to its topic. The ability for a reader to leave their comments in an interactive fashion is an important part of blogs. As such most are primarily textual - although some do focus on art, photography, video, music, and audio content.

Although it's very popular, be cautious if you use (WordPress) for blogging AND for a website. Why? Well, because it is VERY bulky software that takes longer to load then custom HTML5 coded mobile responsive websites - and Google penalizes you for this. However, it is not so bad as a blogging platform.

Also, most people use WordPress right "on" the WordPress site (as a sub-domain). This means you DO NOT OWN THE CONTENT OF THE SITE - WORDPRESS DOES! This is a VERY important distinction to understand. The best thing to do to avoid this, is to get a hosting account and load WordPress on a hosting server. But if you don't know how to setup a MYSQL database, then you'll need a website design and marketing agency to help you anyway - and we can do this for you!

Most importantly, blogs are setup to more easily incorporate RSS, and NetSpeak Solutions can help you to launch, update and maintain WorPress! Read on for more about blogs and blogging.