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Our SEO Internet Marketing Services Ensure Optimum Targeted Traffic

Attain more targeted traffic and improved sales conversions using the professional Internet marketing service solutions offered by 'NetSpeak Solutions'. Our services include; (SEO) search engine optimization, social media optimization (SMO), web analytics (which measures the effectiveness of inbound traffic and conversion strategies), blogging, and other disciplines - like "page design analytics", e-mail newsletters, article publication, blogs, press releases, link building, and branding. These are services only true expert companies and agencies offer to make sure your online presence is optimized along with your website design.

NH SEO Marketing Services

Having a professional website design for any business is now a NECESSARY starting point to enable optimum online marketing success. This includes following the precepts of "Web 2.0 and Web 3.0".

Once you decide on a new website design or a re-design, you need to consider Internet marketing "right from the start". This is necessary in order to direct and "funnel" traffic and sales optimally "through" your main website, social media mini-sites, and blogs. If you already have a website that is doing nothing, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll have to scrap it entirely. But, if it's not performing well (e.g., not bringing in traffic and sales), you need to make it more mobile compatible, then it needs to be evaluated from the code level on up, to know whether it can optimize multi-channel marketing efforts. Analytics (of various types) should also be used to understand "how" landing pages convert "calls to action", and how visitors move around on various site pages (especially those related to a purchasing "funnel").

No matter what you have in-place,'NetSpeak Solutions' will thoroughly evaluate your needs regarding the best Internet marketing service solutions needed - for example; the optimum keywords to target, the best inbound marketing approaches to take, what marketing channels will work best, whether to use social media optimization (including blog integration), and whether to use video marketing solutions. All of these services are designed to help you achieve high organic search engine rankings, optimum targeted inbound traffic, and the highest possible sales conversions.

Even though you may be familiar with many Internet marketing approaches - being an expert in traditional business marketing techniques does not automatically make you an online marketing expert. The Internet continues to create new sets of challenges to marketing professionals - like its new marketing channels, mobile smartphone integration challenges, and other new technologies that need to be contended with. This means that Internet marketing can be intimidating territory to navigate" (especially when you don’t have the time to master the terrain). That's where we come in!

'NetSpeak Solutions' offers ALL the professional Internet marketing solutions services you'll ever need; and all at affordable prices (less than a full-page, full-color ad in a trade magazine)!

'NetSpeak Solutions' Internet Marketing & Website Design Service Solutions

1. Search Engine Optimization (called SEO).

Let's first talk about some current search engine marketing research. For example, did you realize that the 93% of potential clients using the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) DO NOT look past the first two pages (e.g., the top 20 on the free search engine results pages - called "SERP's")? In addition, marketing research clearly shows that searchers believe that the top 10 "organic" or "free" rank results represent either people or businesses that lead in their field. Pew research is a great source for Internet demographic information like much of what was just mentioned. Check their site out!

Search engine optimization is a time-consuming and multi-faceted activity. Its entire focus is on finding ways to make your website pages (not just your home page) ideally suited to rank high on the free search results pages. Factors that influence ultimate rank include page content, content arrangement, internal link usage, inbound links, reviews from other sites, and more. In fact, Google has over 200 parameters in their ranking algorithm! But not all carry the same weight.

Professional search engine optimization (SEO) agencies like 'NetSpeak Solutions' can boost free search engine rankings significantly. A good reason for this is simply because we go through ranking "wars" ourselves constantly. Therefore, we fully understand all the factors involved, and the time it takes to be successful.

As for "how long" a branding and SEO ranking can take, they usually take 2-4 months initially (for new sites to start ranking in the top 1-20). After this, very careful tweaking becomes necessary to move up other pages - and to keep existing pages from dropping. The good thing about achieving top 1-10 rankings is that long-term ranking results usually can be held (unless one or more search engine decides to completely change their ranking algorithm variables, or you're penalized for duplicate content or other unethical "black hat" marketing tactics). This does happen to many companies. Especially, with the recent "Panda" algorithm update Google put in-place at the end of February. But we don't utilize "black hat" practices! Instead, we believe in building relevant in-bound links, and writing top notch copy.

As for search engines and their marketshare, Google, Bing and Yahoo! account for the vast number of searches (Google being well ahead - used for more than 65% of all searches - as of the end of 2010 per a PEW research study). However, since Bing now powers ALL searches for Yahoo, they now can claim a 30% marketshare. In addition, most people tend to search and purchase using Bing, while they tend to do a wider range of searches on Google.

In regard to indexing (or finding) your website, all major search engines can do this without the need to submit your site in very short order. They can do this using programs called "bots" or "spiders" to seek-out and "index" all website files located on web servers. They also now consider reviews from sites such as Facebook and Yelp, as well as many others. So, contrary to what most believe, website submission is unnecessary. You DO NOT need to pay for website submission!

Today, XML site-maps are very important for optimum ranking - especially on Google and Bing. The XML language provides an excellent means for their spider bots to map out and analyze website pages. Using XML site maps ensures that search engine bots will find and index ALL of your website content with complete accuracy - and fast. From this point, they take this information and use their ranking algorithm to categorize and rank every indexed page. And as we mentioned above, optimum rank time typically takes 2-4 months for "new" websites on Google, and 1-2 months on Bing and Yahoo (depending on number of competitors using the same keyword phrases in a given category). One other note, because the algorithms for ranking vary slightly between the major search engines, you may see slight or sometimes large variation in rank results - since search results are location based.

2. Pay Per Click and Paid Advertising Campaigns (Called SEM).

Pay Per Click advertising is primarily used to gain an immediate presence on search engines while optimizing free search engine rankings. It can also be used on more mature websites to lead a visitor to a landing page that contains a "call to action" (which would be construed as a sales conversion should the visitor click-through the entire sequence). The paid approach to search engine positioning (using PPC ads or banner ads) for traffic generation and sales conversions is also called search engine marketing (SEM).

Some of the tools provided by these services can actually help you see what keyword phrases may be best for traffic generation - but this is not the rule. For new sites, a PPC campaign provides some measurable traffic results while you are waiting for the search engines to rank you on their free results. Since it's a fact that only between 13 and 19% actually click on search engine PPC ads, you should NEVER depend on PPC (pay-per-click) or display advertising alone. Instead, you should use it along with with SEO.

PPC involves carefully crafting text-based ad copy (seen on top of Google's free results - with other ads along the right-side column). These ads are called "impressions". To conduct any PPC campaign, you must choose keywords that are most highly relevant to your products and services. In addition, each ad campaign should correspond closely with the content of a specific page of your site (called a landing page). If you know how to write coded and non-coded web page text, you can tailor ad campaigns to appear at different times, and point them to special landing pages on your site (i.e., where corresponding keyword content is being used). To analyze how you're doing with a given ad campaign (called web analytics), you must also insert code into each website page or pages being targeted. However, you can also do this on all pages to analyze overall traffic to various pages of your site from either paid or non-paid referrers. There are many outstanding (and VERY expensive) software packages available for complete web analytics.

For any PPC campaign, in order to maintain your position on a search results page, you must constantly adjust the bid level per click for the keywords chosen for your campaign. This will define your "cost per click" of the impression (e.g., the ad). Generally, the higher you bid for "cost per click", the higher you'll rank in ad position (3 ads appear at the top of the results pages and the rest show up on the sides of a search engine's results pages). However, if you do a superior job with writing both web page copy and ad copy, then you can actually end up bidding lower than your competitors do, while your ad will rank higher! But there are many tricks involved, and if time is a factor, you may need to have such campaign carried out by a professional.

Professional PPC analysts like NetSpeak Solutions can be very helpful with keyword selection, campaign management and developing reports. But once again, it's important to keep in mind that PPC will generate only about 15-18% of the total search engine traffic It's therefore best suited for new sites, or whenever significant redesign work has been conducted to an existing website (i.e., 2-3 months). "Costs per click" can add up quickly, and really can hurt a marketing budget - even if you have the most carefully targeted and managed PPC campaign. Many SEO companies have reported small to medium sized businesses spending 10's to 100's of thousands of dollars per year on PPC, and they get hooked on it! We've seen the same thing.

4. Internet Press Releases and Articles.

Using press releases and articles on the Internet is an extension of SEO. Press release content can include the announcement of a new product or service, or a special promotion. An article would cover something that you feel your company has expertise in. In any event, both need to be optimized for the search engines by including specific keyword-rich content and even links to relevant pages in your website. At NetSpeak Solutions, we can help you write and distribute press/news releases or articles to the many well known online news agencies - so they can gain visibility as well as earn valuable links from the sharing of their content by others; something fundamental to this type of SEO.

5. E-mail Newsletters.

Once you begin attracted new customers, it's often a good idea to use email marketing to so they become repeat customers. Professional email marketing services can help you build your contact list, create an email campaign (using pre-designed templates) and even can track your results. Email can be a powerful marketing tool that builds customer loyalty. For those with E-Commerce websites, you can even add discount codes for products and services you're selling around key holidays (or whenever you like).

6. Blogging and RSS Feeds.

To learn more here, check out our NH web design and web marketing tips blog, and then go to, "learning more about RSS Feeds and how they're used in Internet web marketing".

Make your website a success by choosing the Internet marketing solutions services provided by NetSpeak Solutions. Working with us, you'll find the most effective ways to unlock the vast potential of the internet and reap the rewards it has to offer. The fact is, we know SEM, SEO, social media usage, blogs, RSS feed usage and more - and we can train you on best use strategies.

Using just these tools will help any website (either a basic site or a complex E-Commerce site) to become more visible by ranking higher on all major SERP's. In fact, during the entire website design and development process, we partner with you on all this; providing you with essential training, encouragement and marketing advice for the long term. We can even check on your competitors, and work on optimizing your site ranking on a quarterly or yearly basis (working month-by-month). We call this, "NH web content and marketing maintenance services".

And if you don't believe any of this, then click here to see how "Google" (the world's largest search engine) views the good and bad of SEO and SEM companies.