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NetSpeak Solutions is an experienced, affordable and innovative 10-year old website design services company specializing in web 2.0 and 3.0 design and re-design solutions. For every site redesign and for every new web design, we carefully integrate color theory and appropriate graphic design elements to make your site more engaging, "easy to use", and "sticky" (a term that refers to visitors wanting to stay on-site). We also make sure that page content is relevant, concise and authoritative. Finally, we consider the way our brains actually have been shown to "search for" and "look at" things on websites, social media sites and search engines. It's truly fascinating stuff, but it DOES matter.

What's Web 3.0 Have To Do With Website Design?

The term "Web 3.0" is a relatively new term that refers to the use of HTML 5, integrating social media, "the user website experience" and inbound marketing. Web 3.0 guidelines are being used by only a few design and Internet marketing services companies presently - and NetSpeak Solutions is one of those few!

Web 3.0 considers the interplay between your main website, your blog, social media sites, how visitors seek information, and requires the use of inbound Internet marketing. Another important aspect of web 3.0 is in using graphic design and content elements for a better "user experience" while on-site. This is important because even if you generate traffic to your site, if it doesn't provide the proper "look and feel" and doesn't enable visitors (who all have short attention spans) to find what they're looking for, then you won't generate traffic into sales conversions! For this, we offer a unique capability called "page analytics".

Web Design Services Solutions and Using Page Design Analytics

Page design analytics (also called "web analytics") refers to the use of the latest analytics programs and even eye tracking technology - to obtain user interaction data on "how they surf site pages." With this information you can conduct A/B split tests of various page designs to see which is best from the user's perspective (this applies to pages on new or existing sites). You can also test landing pages used in paid ad campaigns and email marketing. When you have a frictionless site design (where graphic design and textual elements are used optimally), then you can be sure that users have the best experience possible - which keeps them on-site longer. This, in turn, increases the chance of high sales conversions!

Why Do I Need a Website?

With search engines dominating the Internet, they also control the majority of incoming traffic. And since websites are what they are what they are best able to draw content from (as well as make money through ads), then designing an optimized website for your business is THE best foundation for creating and maintaining a strong brand, generating traffic, and closing online sales. Social media, blogs and stand-alone videos are important too. However, they mainly serve to augment your site presence.

If you don't have a website for your business, then you'd better think carefully about "why" you don't. Because whether you like it or not, we live in a "web based" world - and this impacts businesses and purchasers directly. In fact, a recent SEM Daily report indicated that small to medium sized businesses with optimally ranking website designs, grew nearly 50% faster than businesses that did not!

Therefore, if you don't have a website for your business, then you NEED ONE. BUT, IT MUST BE DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY TO WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS. Also, if you have an existing site that isn't visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo, then you need to see if it can be optimized - since having it do nothing for you means lost sales and profits everyday! Remember, the Internet is a "24/7/365" worldwide proposition! It never "turns off"!

But just "throwing up" a website in order to "exist" on the Internet is NOT enough! It MUST be designed properly (using "sticky design" principles), and for optimized search engine rank (and this usually includes integration of social media, blogs, article publishing, video marketing, and even PPC).

Determining the Best Site Solutions for Your Needs

First, your needs should be initially evaluated AT NO CHARGE by any legitimate web design and marketing company. This is because you get to learn about the company, and you get an opinion on whether or not an existing website can be simply redesigned and optimized for traffic, and to see if a website design solutions company is able to understand your business - and how YOUR site should be optimized and marketed.

When we go through this "evaluation phase", we typically find that companies have already spent a significant amount of money on a site which may be overly slick and distracting, and/or which over-uses Flash® technology (which can negatively effect ranking on search engines). Overly slick web designs (of any variety) also tend to distract users from focusing on your central message. Image-heavy and Flash®-heavy sites do not enable page content to be viewed by search engines for ranking - because content becomes embedded (or locked up) within a closed structure that search engines cannot penetrate. This is why Flash® websites don't show up often on the free results ranking pages of the major search engines!

Another reason for poor ranking through website design may be due to other types of clever "rip-offs". For example, if you buy a domain name from certain companies (that also offer web hosting), they aggressively steer you away from leaving their shopping cart, and push you towards adding hosting, and a "FREE website design service". What they're really PUSHING is what's called "automated website creation software" that's in their hosting control panel.

The big problem with "website design software" is that it generates website pages that have limited design and color palette choices. Secondly, because the code for each page is put together from many pieces of data stored in a database files, each page is essentially impossible for search engine programs to identify - and thus rank. So, normal SEO approaches can't be used effectively. A similar situation exists with CMS (content management system) websites, because their pages are also largely powered by big databases.

Free programs like Wordpress and others do have some SEO plug-ins to compensate (where software generated sites do not). However, such monstrous database-driven sites can never achieve the potential of a custom site. They're good for use as blog sites - but that's about it. They're also difficult to move from one hosting platform to another (if you don't know SQL). Finally, since CMS sites use templates, it can be impossible for many of these sites to be heat mapped and adjusted for optimum user experience. Setting up web analytics "tags' can also be quite difficult. This is why custom 'website designs' are best!

Think about it for a moment; you can pay $2k-25k for ONE trade magazine space ad, yet you'll pay LESS for a website design and integrated online Internet marketing presence from 'NetSpeak Solutions'! And when you have an optimized site on the Internet, you have a marketing channel that's working for you locally and/or worldwide - 24/7/365!

There's simply no way to compare such potential versus traditional marketing approaches! Space ads just end up in bathrooms, office waiting areas, and then the trash. Thus, the Internet is where you should be spending your money - specifically on true website design and marketing solutions.