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Web Design and Marketing Maintenance Services

For most sites, maintenance and updates are conducted by a web design company, a designated company staff member or a tech-savvy individual. These people access your files on your server computer and work on them on a local computer. For local file updating, there are programs called WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editors. These programs enable almost anyone to conduct site updates on their own. These programs also allow you to hit certain keys to simulate actual appearance of any page on various browsers (before you upload the file and go "live").

Another approach called CMS (for "content management system") is what many bloggers use, and have been growing in use for some time (with about 17% of the world using them). With this approach, you can pick a web design template, load the site, update text and images as you add pages or "blog" without generally needing any exceptional expertise. Unfortunately, most CMS approaches (and templated sites offered by big hosting companies) don't allow full design liberties, nor do many offer you full search engine optimization and/or social media potential - because they lock off important parts of site code from access. In addition, most CMS-based blogs are very slow loading on mobile devices, require a database connection on the server, and are easily hacked.

Website content management programs do enable you to add content by "logging in" as an administrator using a page access URL, and a UN/PW. Once you are "in" you're on an administration page. From here, you would navigate to add/remove text and/or images as needed. NetSpeak Solutions can provide automated content management too - by including programmed interfaces that allow you to modify desired website elements (like event calendars and other database-driven elements. So, it's up to you.

Site Content Needs Updating To Drive In Traffic, Engagement, Sales and ROI

This service refers to website marketing maintenance as it relates to the tracking and optimization of the "user experience" (called UX), retargeting, and other analytical powered assessments. The best way to do this is to offer sharing buttons for social media sites you are on, and to update your site and blog content. This encourages branding efforts, and/or just to enhance natural search engine rank results. We can help you hear by offering to conduct social media updates/posting advice, provide regular website content updates, adding traffic generating back-links, and other factors - tracked and worked on monthly / quarterly basis. Search and social media are both such a highly dynamic areas at the moment - which can make measuring successful optimization very difficult. However, if you do NOTHING, you certainly will fail.

Since most dedicated web design firms ARE NOT ABLE to provide legitimate search and social optimization marketing services, we are a one-stop shop! Here are our 4 levels of services we offer for Internet marketing and site maintenance services:

1. Level 1 - "Basic" (one quarter of work conducted each month - including a search engine rank report, back-link report and adjustments to code and content as needed).

2. Level 2 - "Standard" (as above, but services are for a period of 6 months - and appropriate social networking sites are added based on need).

3. Level 3 - "Ongoing Optimization" (yearly service by month, that is aimed at keeping new and existing websites at the top of the search engine and Internet marketing jungle).

We believe that marketing optimization and maintenance is the "key" to optimizing your traffic, branding, web presence and conversion rates; by enabling people to find your site/blog on social media sites and search! When maintaining a site for search engine rank, we review a Google Analytics report each month to generate info on visits, brand keyword info, page views and more.  By comparing previous results (along with many other factors), we decide on ways to adjust your site and/or social networking presence to maintain and/or improve search traffic and conversions. We can also manage paid ads if they are being used.  Learn more about our basic search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) services by following this link.


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