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Web Design and Marketing Rip-Offs to Avoid

If you are new to the intricacies of the Internet, and search engine marketing, it may be tempting to launch a web site using a cheap hosting company, who buys your domain name for you, charges you for web site space (called hosting) and even will "get you on the Internet with your own website immediately" (using website templating software).

Wow, what a deal - right? WRONG. By taking this approach, you virtually guarantee that your website will never rank (without pay-per-click ads that is) on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Of course this is great for the company involved with luring you in; since they make a killing for managing the ads you'll need to "go broke" paying for, and, because they'll have you locked in for at least a year with them. But even worse is that you'll be launching a website that looks EXACTLY LIKE tens of thousands of others; generated by a templating software program, with limited color and layout options. We know this because many of our clients have done JUST THIS - and then they come to us. We then end up having to explain this all to them and the start them all over again - the RIGHT WAY.

The cheap and ugly templated websites can't be optimized for search engine rank because they don't have any actual "pages" sitting in a folder on the hosting computer. Instead, each section of the page comes together ONLY AFTER the domain name has been typed into the browser and AFTER you hit the "enter" button!

"Why" is this bad? Well, because search engines need to identify and and review what "makes" a web page "worthy" in order to classify (index) and rank it on their "search engine results pages" (called SERP's). So, since it's essentially impossible for such templated websites to be viewed by search engine spider programs, they can't be classified. Thus, your 'website design' ends up being invisible to all "the seekers" looking for the very products and/or services you provide!

It's all a nasty rip-off that enables domain name and hosting companies to make tons money. SO BE CAREFUL! SAVE YOUR MONEY SO YOU CAN DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY.

It's so critical to design and code a website so it can rank highly on the "free" (also called "organic") search engine results pages. To do this, NetSpeak Solutions makes CAREFUL use of graphics, animation, HTML code, text elements and other variables so that search engines can "see" and then "classify and rank" your entire website's content.

Search engine ranking "algorithms" determine topic area first, then relevancy (note: a higher relevance means a higher ranking). It's important to also note that you cannot achieve optimum "free" rankings if you simply point links FROM social networking sites you've setup t your website. You need good WEBSITES to point their links at YOUR website the right way. You also need to have great content, use applicable video and/or audio files, setup RSS Feeds, Podcasts, and the like.

If you are serious about your web presence, then let help us determine what you need - for free! Please contact us 603-679-1698 to discuss your needs.


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